Product Care

Bourbon Barrel Charcuterie Board Care. 
Water is the enemy of your 100% oak charcuterie board. DO NOT Submerge or soak.
With proper care, this board will be a gathering place for your favorite people for years to come. Clean with warm water and a soft sponge or cloth. (Use small amount of detergent only if necessary. 
Do not submerge or soak your board with water.
Wipe your board dry as you want it to absorb as little water as possible.
When your board is clean and dry, monthly or bi-monthly, apply 'Food Grade Mineral Oil' with a soft cloth or paper towel. Let it absorb for a few hours or overnight before use.
Use your board for cheese, snacks and cooked or cured meats. Do not use raw meat on board. If needed, use a fine sand paper to smooth the top of board and finish with mineral oil. 
For all other questions, please email