Craft Cocktail Smoking Kit
Craft Cocktail Smoking Kit
Craft Cocktail Smoking Kit

Craft Cocktail Smoking Kit

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This Cocktail Smoking Kit will elevate and allow you to appreciate bourbon, whiskey, and tequila like never before.

This easy-to-use smoker kit imparts the subtle taste and aroma of smoke to handcrafted cocktails. A lovely way to create different flavor profiles for classic favorites like the Old Fashioned. Made of White American Oak, our infuser sits perfectly on your glass. To lend a smoky taste to your favorite cocktail, follow these simple instructions:

Add a pinch of wood chips to the chimney
Use the butane torch to light the wood chips
Watch the smoke infuse your glass
Remove top and enjoy your smoky drink

The Kit Includes:

  • Cocktail smoking top (Handcrafted from American White Oak)
  • 4 different wood chip varieties (Apple, Cherry, Oak and Walnut wood)
  • Butane Lighter
  • Wood chip spoon 
  • Cleaning brush
  • Classic Old Fashioned Recipe Card (custom made by a local artist)

Gift wrapped and ready to give!

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