Sweet, savory and one cheese you’ve been missing out on!

In 5 minutes or less you’ll have the most popular addition to your board! Choose a delicious recipe below (that only require a few ingredients!) for your Valentine’s Day charcuterie board. Trust us on this one, it will be the first thing gone! It not only tastes amazing, but is so beautiful on your board too. 

1. Cream Cheese & Marshmallow “Fluff” (Ahem, every kid’s favorite!)

8 oz. cream cheese

7 oz. jar marshmallow creme spread

Two ingredients- easy peasy! Add both containers to a food processor, combine until smooth. Put it in a small bowl on your charcuterie board, garnish with a sliced strawberry fanned open. Serve with fresh fruit and graham crackers!

2. Whipped Goat Cheese (A staple around here.)

8 oz. goat cheese (can use honey flavored)

1-2 T. Milk

To whip your goat cheese, add to a food processor and pulse until creamy. Add 1-2T. of milk as needed to make it creamier. 

Two variations:

Add strawberry jam to make it pink and deliciously sweet, stir in or gently pulse to combine.


Remove your whipped goat cheese from the food processor and put in a small bowl on your board. Create a shallow hole for your Cloister Honey and garnish with fresh thyme or berries. Serve with your favorite crackers and fresh fruit. 

3. Mascarpone (The new kid on the block!)

8 oz Mascarpone

What’s simpler than a one ingredient recipe? You may have missed this in the cheese section of your grocery store until now. Add this rich, decadent cheese to your lineup. All you have to do is scoop it into a pretty bowl, garnish with fresh berries (as pictured!) and you’re done! Serve with your favorite crackers and fresh fruit.