Our Story

Your charcuterie board is hand selected from the hills of bourbon country in Kentucky.

Its unique character comes from being part of the bourbon making process.  What once was a barrel head has been transformed into this one of a kind piece for your home that will be a centerpiece for connection.

Your custom board is hand finished in Charlotte, NC by a trusted hospitality enthusiast and experience curator.

Cheers to many lasting memories gathered around your board!


The Table Fix was started by a trusted hospitality enthusiast and experience curator who has spent the better part of her life regularly inviting friends new and old to come and sit around her table. We’re so glad YOU are here. Find a beverage, light your favorite candle, grab a cozy blanket, get comfortable and settle in. There’s a seat for you here.

We believe connection happens around the table. We believe that people were created to be known, valued, heard and loved. Our passion is to provide inspiration along with simple and elevating hospitality products to help you create your own memorable experiences with the ones you love.