The Scoop on Clean Wine

Let’s talk about Clean Wine

You love wine. (So do I!) But sometimes it doesn’t love you back. It’s as if you drank a whole bottle, except it was only a glass. (Or two.) 

What if it’s not the wine that you aren’t tolerating... what if it’s the garbage added to the wine? 

Here’s the problem. There’s very little regulation of the wine industry. Wine maker’s are not required to disclose on the label what’s *actually* in the bottle. You read that right. You and I could start producing wine and add whatever we want to the bottle without having to disclose it. 

Say hello to additives such as sugar, sulfates, synthetic pesticides, chemicals, animal products and food coloring. 

If that’s alarming... I’m with you. Yuck!

The good news? Biodynamic wine. My favorite is Scout & Cellar. It's farmed sustainably without pesticides or other chemicals and it's crafted without any added preservatives, sulfates, or sweetners.

What you’re drinking is gracious to all parties involved, and what you’re tasting is fresh and complex, as the earth intended it. The best part is that without any added trash you feel good after drinking it. 

There are companies out there that source biodynamic wine from all over the world. My favorite of those companies is one called Scout and Cellar. Their wine goes through two rounds of independent lab testing to ensure that there is no trash in there such as those listed above. 

This is the purist’s wine, held to a higher standard through the whole process of planting, farming, fermenting and bottling. Because guess what? You can enjoy your wine again. 

So go ahead and make a cheese and charcuterie board, pour that glass of wine, invite your friends over or enjoy that date night again. 

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Alisha Kaiser