Valentine’s Date Night IN- All you need to know!

Do you want quality time and real connection with your significant other that’s fun, intentional and consistent? Yes, please!

Consider this your invitation to join us for a new weekly rhythm we’re calling, Date Night IN. 

Here’s the deal, at the start of the week we’ll give you recipes, a grocery list and share how to execute your date night IN. Some weeks will be delicious, easy-to-execute-on-a-Friday-night type recipes, some weeks will be a themed charcuterie board like savory or dessert and some weeks will be take-out! Oh, and how does this work with kids? We’ve got you. We’ll share ideas in another post on how to make this work from baby to teenager! 

Let’s get started! Pick your date night and read on for this week’s Date Night IN. 

In honor of Valentine’s Day, let’s make a fun and EASY Charcuterie Board for two. This board is simple and filled with savory, sweet deliciousness. 

What you need:

Aged Cheese (Cheddar, Manchego, Gouda, etc.)

Soft Cheese (Pictured is Humboldt Fog Cypress Grove Goat Cheese. Other recommendations are Brie, Camembert or Chèvre Goat Cheese.)

Charcuterie (Salami or Proscuitto)

Yogurt Pretzels


Heart shaped marshmallows

Strawberries & Raspberries

Assorted Crackers (We love Trader Joe’s Fig & Olive Crisps and white wafers.)

Garnish with fresh pink and red flowers

Assemble the board as pictured. To fold the salami, fold in half and half again. 

*If you are local to Charlotte, NC and looking to up your cheese game for this board, we recommend visiting our friends and cheese experts at The Loyalist Market in Matthews. You can find their information on IG @TheLoyalistMarket or website here. 

Date night tips:

Where in your home are you most likely to rest and be present? 

  • Tidy it up
  • Bring in fresh flowers
  • Light those candles
  • Turn that music on. We love Johnnyswim, Chris Stapleton, Marcus King Band and evening Jazz right now.
  • Put those phones (and smart watches) away. Trust us... this is so important. Disconnect to really connect. 

We would LOVE to see how you are joining in on this fun weekly rhythm! Tag us @TheTableFix on Instagram and Facebook