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The Scoop on Clean Wine

Let’s talk about Clean Wine.  You love wine. (So do I!) But sometimes it doesn’t love you back. It’s as if you drank a whole bottle, except it was only a glass. (Or two.)  What if it’s not the wine that you aren’t tolerating... what if it’s the garbage added to the wine?  Here’s the problem. There’s very little regulation of the wine industry. Wine maker’s are not required to disclose on the label what’s *actually* in the bottle. You read that right. You and I could start producing wine and add whatever we want to the bottle without having to disclose it.  Say hello to additives such as sugar, sulfates, synthetic pesticides, chemicals, animal products and food coloring.  If...

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See our Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board from the Charlotte Today Show

See the full video of our Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board on the Charlotte Today Show HERE! A quick stop at the grocery store and you can make a board like this to gather around with your favorite people too. Whether you create a date night board with your significant other, invite your besties over or put this together to wow the kids... we’ve got you covered. These are the memories and moments that make life sweet! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook @TheTableFix and show us how you are gathering those you love too! 

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Rosemary, Sea Salt & Olive Oil Popcorn as shared on the Charlotte Today Show!

This was a fun recipe to share on the Charlotte Today Show in June! If you have followed along on my Instagram or facebook page (@TheTableFix) then you already know that my husband is from a Popcorn Farm! Yes such a thing exists! (You can jump over to Instagram and I've saved a Story called "Popcorn" for you to watch a behind the scenes of this operation!)  Popcorn is a loved food in our family. Most nights we cook it in coconut oil and simply use sea salt... but occasionally I feel like dressing it up a bit more and creating some more interest! This recipe below is a winner for kids, teenagers and adults alike. I've made this to satisfy...

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